Join the real Bus, don't hang out with them!

The German Bus Trip To The Party!
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The ticket price for THE BUS is set at ONLY:

*** 310,-- D-Mark ***

per Person!
(this price already INCLUDES party ENTRANCE!)
this is higher than last year, the reason is The Party entrance fee, the bus price stayed the same!

Comparism Table:
And here is the BUS-TRAIN COMPARISM TABLE: (NOT faked in ANY way!)
As I know that some of you always say things like...

`Uhh! The bus-ticket-price is pretty expensive! I guess I`ll go by train!`

...I asked for complete train-ticket prices at `DIE BAHN` ticket office in germany to be able to prove you the opposite now: :)

THE BUS ticket price! (WITHOUT party-entrance fee)
-=> 200,-- <=-
-=> 200,-- <=-
train ticket (if under 26 years of age!)
train ticket (if over 26 years of age!)
(all prices taken as 2-way single-person ticket without `bahn-card` bonus!)
(bus-ticket price of course WITHOUT party-entrance fee as well here!!)

This makes only 100,-- DM per ONE WAY / PER PERSON...
It nearly BEATS going BY CAR..if you have got *FOUR* people in a small lousy and uncomfortable car...! ;-D


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